Memorial Day 2023: Budget-Friendly Bus and Train Travel Destinations Revealed

by Mia Taylor
Last updated at 1:00 AM ET on Tue May 16, 202023

Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer. News reports predict that a record number will hit the road (or take to the air) to enjoy a vacation getaway.

Wanderu, a website that analyzes eco-friendly travel options, has released a list of the best destinations to choose from for those looking to save money on their next holiday.

Wanderu is a platform that compares bus and train tickets and has access to unique pricing trends in the ground travel industry. The platform discovered that, after analyzing a large amount of data, bus travel is generally more affordable than it was last year.

The report states that “if you plan to travel this Memorial Day you will be happy to know that bus fares, on average, have decreased this year – with a few notable exceptions like Orlando and Atlanta.” “Despite the impact of inflation on the travel industry, many destinations can be visited by bus at a lower cost this year than they were in 2022.”

Philadelphia, Baltimore and Seattle are three cities that have become more affordable in the last year. The average bus fare for each of these cities is down more than 30% compared to the previous year.

Bus fares between Washington D.C., and Philadelphia are on average just under $21. A bus ride from New York, to Philadelphia is only $16 for the weekend. Bostonians who want to visit Philadelphia during Memorial Day weekend will have to pay $52 per one-way trip.

Baltimore bus fares are also very affordable. The fare between Philadelphia and Baltimore, for example, is under $10. Traveling to Baltimore from New York costs only $33. Boston to Baltimore tickets cost about $65. Bus fares from Seattle, ranked third in the United States, are also very affordable. A ticket from Portland to Seattle costs only $25, and the one from Spokane costs just $30.

Each of these cities also offers a wide range of free activities, which can help you stretch your budget.

The train fares may be more expensive than the bus fares, but they are still an excellent bargain
Train fares, on the other hand are more mixed. While there are some destinations with slightly higher fares in 2022 than they were last year, the cost of taking the train into big cities such as New York City or Chicago is cheaper this year. If you are on a budget and want to get the best deal, the bus is your best option.

Wanderu’s report offers a few insights into the best days to travel during the Memorial Day Weekend (though there aren’t many options, as it is only a 3-day holiday).

The platform analyzed the average price of train and bus tickets each day around Memorial Day Weekend to determine the most affordable itinerary.

The report states that “Bus tickets prices are relatively stable over the long weekend. They only vary by a few bucks on average.” If you want to save some money, travel on a Sunday or Tuesday rather than Friday. Although Friday is slightly more expensive than Tuesday, the difference in price usually does not exceed 10%. So plan your trip without worrying about the cost.

However, there’s more variation on the ticket front. Traveling on Memorial Day Saturday instead of Friday could save you up to 10 percent, according to Wander data. Traveling back on Tuesday rather than Monday can also save you up to 7 percent.

The report says that while these percentages don’t represent huge savings, it’s still a good deal if you are booking a more expensive ticket.






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