Carnival Provides Progress Update on Cruise Ship WiFi Upgrade for Faster Connectivity

Need fast internet while on a cruise ship? Here’s your solution – faster Wi-Fi on board your ship is now possible.

Carnival Cruise Line recently made news when they announced they’d install Elon Musk’s Starlink internet system, touted to be lightning fast by many experts.

Carnival now provides this service on 11 ships, and plans to bring it across its entire fleet in due course.

As reported by CruisHive, John Heald from Brand Ambassador stated: “The Excel class ships have already been upgraded from delivery, making for excellent experience for guests… we are working tirelessly on upgrading all other fleet ships using Starlink and other internet providers.”

Carnival ships already equipped with Starlink include Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration, Carnival Panorama, Elation Sunrise Carnival Valor Venezia Pride Magic Sunshine Vista Vista

As there will be an associated fee, this service would be ideal for cruise passengers looking to stay productive while at sea. Carnival could use it to its advantage: affordable cruise prices combined with superior Internet connections is certainly an attractive proposition.

“For many of our guests, maintaining connectivity at sea that they’ve become used to at home has become more essential, while sharing unforgettable cruise memories with loved ones,” according to Josh Weinstein, CEO of Carnival Corporation via CruiseHive.

Carnival announced that its service can also be leveraged by crew for more real-time conversations and communication; more efficient monitoring equipment; and faster response to incidents or emergency.






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