Cruise Ship Breaks Free from Mooring Ropes Due to Strong Winds

by Rich Thomaselli
Last updated at 2:25 PM ET on Tue July 18, 2023

It must have been an incredibly strong wind.

Strong winds caused Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Prima to break away from its mooring lines in Zeebrugge (Belgium) over the weekend.

A Norwegian spokesperson confirmed that despite a gangway falling into the water there were no injuries.

The spokesperson told USA Today that there were no injuries reported and all guests and staff are safe. “A damage evaluation is underway and, as of right now, it appears that there has been no impact on the vessel.”

The ship was on a 10-day journey from Reykjavik in Iceland to Southampton in England. It is rare for a ship to leave its moorings but it can happen during severe weather.

The port in which the cruise ship docks is the one that informs the ships of the current weather conditions. When the ship was able to break free of its moorings on Saturday, it was blowing between 20 and 30 mph.






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