New Booking Rule Adopted by Royal Caribbean

by Rich Thomaselli
Last updated on July 17, 2023 at 11:00 PM ET

Royal Caribbean has made life a bit easier for cruise passengers.

Royal Caribbean is following the example of Carnival Cruise Line, which allows passengers to book a cruise 48 hours before paying for it. It’s mainly for people who need to make sure they have all their ducks in a row or finish any last-minute details involved in booking a cruise.

Booking a cruise has never been easier.

This is especially true if you’re booking multiple cabins to share with family and friends. Cruises are usually nonrefundable. A two-day price and cabin hold can be beneficial. The courtesy hold, however, is not available on all sailings. One blogger suggested that it might be a Royal Caribbean test. The cruise line may be in beta for the time being.

There is no way to know which shifts are available or when they will be. You will receive onboard credit from both cruise lines for any difference between the final price and your booking. If you booked for $500 and the final price was $450, you would receive a $50 credit on board. It’s your responsibility to bring up the discrepancy, as the cruise line will not.

Travel agents have been able use the 48-hour period for years, but it appears that individuals who book their own cruises can also do this.






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