Limited-Time Auto Train Sale Launched by Amtrak

Amtrak announced a limited-time sale for passengers ready to ride the Auto Train.

Travelers looking to save the stress and time associated with driving I-95 between the Northeast and Florida now have options that start as low as $29 in coach travel or start from $229 plus cost of vehicle for first class private rooms.

This offer runs until March 17 and applies only to southbound journeys from Lorton, Virginia, to Sanford, Florida that occur between March 10 and June 8. A three-day advance purchase is necessary and blackout dates and other restrictions may apply.

Amtrak Auto Train provides daily nonstop service between Lorton (near Washington, D.C.) and Sanford (near Orlando) that enables passengers to bring along any vehicle of their choosing, from cars, vans, SUVs and motorcycles all the way through small boats or jet-skis!

Customers traveling in Coach can look forward to comfortable seats that feature ample legroom, no middle seat and large windows that let in natural light. Customers traveling first class enjoy priority boarding, free meals and the services of an attendant onboard their aircraft.

Amtrak announced on March 6 that they are restarting the Amtrak Cascades service between Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, British Columbia, after its suspension since 2020. Both Washington State and Oregon-whose state governments sponsor and fund this railway line-teamed with Amtrak on this route relaunch. Direct service between Portland and stations north of Seattle for direct travel will once more resume direct operation between those states and Vancouver for direct rail service.

Amtrak recently provided updated tips to maximize rail travel during Spring Break holiday periods. When demand peaks, Amtrak may operate additional schedules with added frequencies and capacity – and certain normally-unreserved trains require advance reservations in order to operate smoothly.






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