San Francisco Pier Struck by Cruise Ship Collision

On Thursday morning in San Francisco, Princess Cruises ship crashed into a pier upon docking and caused significant damage.

According to information obtained by CNN, the Ruby Princess “made unexpected contact with Pier 27’s dock and dock structure”, damaging both ship and structure.

“No guests or crew were injured during this incident,” Princess Cruises stated in its release. The vessel has docked safely alongside and disembarkation is complete.”

This ship, which sustained damage on its left rear side, had just completed an Alaskan voyage lasting 10 days and returned after experiencing mechanical failure on return home.

Paul Zasso was one of the passengers aboard when it hit. Paul reported his experiences to CNN affiliate KGO: “I noticed we were spinning quite rapidly for such close proximity to dock,” as reported by KGO. He continued by noting how close they came and looking out the portside window as we struck it headfirst into dockside structure.

Princess Cruises remains committed to its plans of sailing to Alaska; however, no precise date or timeframe have been released as yet for such a voyage to start.

U.S. Coast Guard agents have begun an investigation of this incident.






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