US Travel to Israel Reaching Unprecedented Levels, Surpassing Pre-Pandemic Records

Travelers from the U.S. are flocking to Israel in unprecedented numbers.

As Israel marks its Diamond Jubilee this year, travel from the U.S. has increased by 12 percent compared to 2029 – and 13 percent over 2019’s record breaking June.

“These statistics are encouraging” said Eyal Carlin, Commissioner of Tourism to North America. Between March 2020 and May 2022, Israel closed to tourism; now that it has reopened and travelers have returned in droves we expect 2023 to be an outstanding year for Israeli tourism from North America – perhaps surpassing even what 2019 brought them!

June 2023 saw an overall 27 percent growth since 2022 with visitors from the U.S. leading all foreign visitors followed by France, Russia, UK/Europe/Germany/Italy etc. (these statistics do not account for day visitors or cruise ship passengers).

Tourism to Israel in 2023 offers travelers many iconic experiences such as Jerusalem’s holy sites or Tel Aviv city center, but also offers unique destinations like Negev Desert Wine Route or SCUBA diving at underwater archaeological excavation sites. Special activities, like sleeping over at Bedouin camp or attending International Jerusalem Jazz Festival at Israel Museum can make for memorable travel memories.

Carlin stated: “Israel is making significant investments in tourism. New hotels and resorts are helping increase our room inventory while food, wine and spirits destinations add excitement as do outdoor adventure opportunities and arts and cultural experiences. Visitors still come for our iconic holy sites but often return home amazed to have discovered lesser known gems.”






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