Grand Canyon National Park Upgrades Fleet of Shuttle Buses

Grand Canyon National Park has announced that it will receive $27.5 million from the federal government to upgrade its shuttle bus fleet.

The Associated Press reported that the Federal Highway Administration of the United States Department of Transportation would be paying to replace the aging national park bus fleet, which includes the addition of thirty new vehicles.

Shuttle buses transport more than 4 million tourists annually over 270 miles on paved and non-paved roads. Twenty of the new buses that will be added to Grand Canyon Park will run on compressed gas, and ten will be electric.

The National Park Service announced that charging stations will be installed. They also said the new buses would reduce pollution in the park and relieve overcrowding.

Shailen Bhatt, Federal Highway Administrator, said: “With this National Park Service Grant, which is part of President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda, we are helping to deliver safe and sustainable transportation investments, that will help families and tourists explore the Grand Canyon National Park, and surrounding communities.”

Last week, the federal funding was announced at a park ceremony, which included officials from the Department of Transportation, Interior Department, and the surrounding communities.

The Federal Highway Administration has a $130.5-million program that recognizes transportation projects of national importance on federal and tribal land.






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