The United States Continues to Experience an Upward Trajectory in International Visitor Arrivals

International visitors to the US continue to increase, though still do not reach pre-pandemic levels.

National Travel and Tourism Office data shows that international visitor arrivals increased 62.3 percent year over year during March 2023 – over 5 million international tourists came to America during this month alone!

March 2023 visitor volume amounts to 83.4 percent of its pre-COVID total from March 2019; therefore, the country has yet to fully regain pre-COVID visitation levels.

Still, March 2023 marked 24 consecutive months where non-U.S. resident international arrivals increased year over year in the U.S.

In its report, Colombia stood out amongst the 20 top source countries with regards to visitor volume in March 2023 compared to March 2022 and experienced an overall decrease of 5 percent – making them unique among them all in this respect.

At the other end of the scale, Canada saw 2,09 million arrivals to our shores; other top source markets include Mexico (970,564), UK (300,00896), Germany 144 399) and Japan 11 269 arrivals (112 269); altogether these five nations comprised 69.4% percent of total international arrivals into United States in 2010.

International travel to this country is of immense value to the U.S. economy – each international visit supports one U.S. job!

National Travel and Tourism Office’s recent report confirmed this trend; TravelPulse reported that travelers to this country spent over $17.3 billion last April alone for tourism-related spending within its borders; an almost 26 percent jump compared to April 2017 spending levels.

Outbound Tourism Hits Pre-Pandemic Levels United States outbound tourism increased 34 percent year over year between March 2023 and a year prior, as over 7.7 million U.S. citizens took international trips in March — accounting for 93.1 percent of pre-pandemic departures reported for March 2019.

March 2023 marked 24 consecutive months in which U.S. citizen international visitor departures increased year-on-year from their previous year levels, according to this report. Additionally, this data shows:

Mexico was the top travel destination in March 2023 among U.S. travelers with over 3.1 million American citizens visiting our neighbor to the south. Mexico visits comprised 39.9 percent of total departures and 43.2 percent of year-to-date U.S. traveler volume from American travelers.
Mexico and the Caribbean (with over 8.7 million and over 2.6 million outbound US travelers respectively) account for 56.3 percent of total U.S. citizen international visitor departures this year.






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