‘Colosseum Underground’ Tour Offers Guests Immersive Experience in Newly Restored Ancient Roman Tunnels

Hornblower Group subsidiary Walks Tours recently revealed an exciting reimagined Underground Colosseum tour that offers visitors an in-depth exploration of this ancient Roman structure like never before.

Launched in partnership with Rome’s Parco Archeologico del Colosseo (PArCo), this brand new VIP experience provides visitors with interactive exhibits and multimedia installations that bring this millennia-old monument back to life, through specially curated artifacts and digital projections of gladiators adorning display shelves.

Visitors will feel transported back nearly 2000 years, when scenes of ancient Roman gladiators in action at Ludus Magnus, where these combatants lived and trained, come alive before them. Guests will witness gladiator battle scenes being brought back to life before them as scenes depict gladiators passing through underground tunnels that connected arena to Ludus Magnus training facility are brought alive before their very eyes.

Hornblower Group has always placed environmental sustainability as one of its core principles, according to Kevin Rabbitt, its Chief Executive Officer. As such, they were delighted when PArCo offered this partnership project that aligns perfectly with both companies’ missions: offering unforgettable services and experiences while contributing towards global environmental and social sustainability initiatives. With these partnerships come opportunities like PArCO that share similar objectives such as education preservation – something they are immensely proud to contribute towards.”

On July 20, a newly enhanced exhibition officially premiered as an innovative multimedia experience featuring realistic holographic projections animating ancient warriors as they would have roamed through Cryptoporticus before entering an amphitheater where more than 50,000 spectators would await them in colorful armor.

At this exhibition, visitors gain an up-close experience of the underground passageways connecting Ludus Magnus and Colosseum that gladiators traversed on their journey towards deadly performances in Rome’s Colosseum. Along this tour path is displayed authentic gladiatorial armor as well as pieces representing different styles used while competing for victory by gladiators.

Artifacts on display from Ancient Rome come from three collections – Parco archaeologico del Colosseo, National Archaeological Museum in Naples and Aquileia Archaeological Museum.

“Hornblower Group is extremely pleased to support Parco archeologico del Colosseo and strongly believes in their restoration efforts to unveil more aspects of Rome’s Colosseum,” stated Stephen Oddo, Senior Vice President for Hornblower Group and president and co-founder of Walks.

Hornblower Group is delighted to partner with PArCo on such an iconic institution such as the Colosseum. Colosseum Underground is an incredible touring experience that we couldn’t be prouder to bring alive while sharing its history and significance to visitors worldwide.”






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