Amtrak Cautions About Possible Summer Travel Disturbances Due to Infrastructure Upgrades

Amtrak announced that infrastructure improvements planned this summer along the highly trafficked Northeast Corridor (NEC) may lead to temporary service disruptions and service changes.

Train companies recently disclosed to travelers along the NEC Corridor through September 30 that business and leisure travelers may experience minor delays as construction works continue on tracks in both New England and Mid-Atlantic regions this summer.

Amtrak officials announced the company has pledged an estimated total investment of about $130 million towards rail improvement efforts since 2016, including investing an estimated $124.5 million this summer alone. Funding sources included grants and other federal programs as well as state/local contributions plus Amtrak revenue.

Summer 2023 projects underway include replacing 40 track switches throughout New York and the Mid-Atlantic regions, updating 25 miles of track in that region and carrying out one million feet of high-speed rail surfacing work across all NEC routes.

Amtrak Executive Vice President Laura Mason noted, “Updating rail infrastructure is central to Amtrak’s plan to usher in a new era of rail travel by modernizing their fleet, building new bridges and tunnels, revitalizing stations and modernizing customer experiences for modern times,” as part of her company’s plan.

“Amtrak would like to express its sincerest thanks to all our partners for being part of these important initiatives to achieve good repair status and enhance customer experience,” Mason stated.

Newly revised train schedules reflect this work and avoid conflicts with commuter agencies; however, customers may experience minor delays while crews work around-the-clock to minimize impacts to customers as best as they can.

Customers should also be mindful that high temperatures in the coming warmer summer months could hinder Amtrak operations, potentially expanding rail, bridges and overhead wires due to extreme heat.






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